Turkey, home to ancient cities

Where Asia meets Europe, Turkey is a fascinating country; an eclectic mix of ancient and modern history, incredible architecture and delicious cuisine. A small group tour to Turkey will dazzle you with an impressive array of architecture including palaces, mosques, and more. But it’s the country’s preserved ruins of ancient cities that have people hooked on its history.


Be transported back in time to Ancient Greece, when cities were alive with classical architecture, large amphitheatres, stadiums, libraries and more, during our small group tour to Turkey. From the ancient city of Sagalassos, one of Turkey’s best-preserved sites that was conquered by Alexander the Great in 333 BC and thrived until the sixth and seventh centuries, to the ancient city of Ephesus, an impressive example of a Roman port city and the largest ancient city to have ever been uncovered that was once home to 300,000 people.


Walking through ruins that date back thousands of years and learning about the history of the ancient cities and those who once called them home is a special moment. It’s one of those moments where the ‘wow’ factor stays with you for some time to come. Where you go home and brag to your family and friends about what you’ve seen. Did we mention that these ruins are located in some of Turkey’s most beautiful scenery? Take the ancient city of Hierapolis for example, these ruins are located just near one of Turkey’s most incredible natural phenomena, the cascading white travertine terraces of Pammukkale.

Discover the ancient cities of Turkey and roam the ruins that once thrived in ancient times during our 13-day Discover Turkey small group tour.