Tikal National Park

Tucked away amidst lush rainforest is the ancient Mayan city of Tikal. Step back in time and discover some of Tikal’s 3,000 ruins ranging from temples to palaces and public squares during this small connection.  

Inhabited from the 6th century B.C. to the 10th century A.D, Tikal National Park represents one of the most impressive achievements of the Mayan civilization. Whilst no one knows for sure what led to the decline and fall of the Mayan empire, speculation circles around droughts, over population and wars with rival groups. In any case, the Mayan culture plays a major role in this part of Central America’s history. 



Our visit to Tikal is made up of many components, all contributing to this special, unique experience. 

1. A Guided Tour

Enjoy a guided tour through the park, gaining insight from an expert guide about the Mayan culture and empire that ruled this part of Central America. Learn about the civilization whilst exploring firsthand the ruins they once roamed.  

2. Time at leisure

After the guided tour, enjoy time to yourself to explore the park at your own pace. Take a closer look at the ruins, take in the beautiful scenery of the lush, green rainforest that surrounds you, and truly appreciate this incredible destination. 

3. Lunch in the park

Meet back up with your small group to enjoy a barbeque lunch inside the park. Share stories of what you discovered in the park during your free time as you indulge in a delicious lunch among the beautiful rainforest and incredible ruins. 

We’ve designed this small connection to allow you to dig deep under the surface of Tikal National Park – to really delve into the fascinating culture and discover this incredible UNESCO World Heritage listed site. Join our small group tour to Guatemala to experience the wonder of Tikal National Park and so much more.