Meet our leaders

From the moment your tour begins to the moment it ends, your small group tour leader is there to guide you through your destinations and provide you with an enjoyable touring experience. Our leaders each bring a unique flair to the job but all share three important attributes to ensure your Small Group Touring Co. experience is the best it can be. 

1. Leaders with a wealth of knowledge

Each of our small group tour leaders have a wealth of knowledge to share with you throughout your tour - from intricate details about the history of your destination, to the best kept secrets of local restaurants and so much more! The luxury of traveling in a small group means you won't miss out on your share of knowledge and you'll have multiple opportunities to chat further with your leader to gain even more insights into your destination. 

Tour leader

2. Leaders that are there for you every step of the way

From day one, your small group tour leader accompanies you on your tour. They are your first point of contact and are here to help. Because they are with you every step of the way, you also get a chance to really get to know your leader, exchanging stories and creating new friendships. 

Tour leader

3. Leaders who embody the values of the Small Group Touring Co. 

Our small group tour leaders are our brand ambassadors and embody the same vision and values that we here at the Small Group Touring Co. do. They embrace the world's people and cultures - celebrating and showcasing diversity through small group travel. 

Tour leader

When you travel with the Small Group Touring Co., you're getting an experience that allows you to not just see a destination but to really get to know it.