Meet and Greek

Greece, the birthplace of European civilization has a plethora of ancient sites, a blueprint to Western architecture and a vibrant Mediterranean culture that is warm and inviting. 

A small group tour to Greece takes you from Athens, to Kalambaka, to Nafpaktos and Nafplio. Stopping along the way at iconic sites, passing through stunning scenery and connecting with the local people and culture. 

Meet and Greek

Spend a day in Nafplio connecting with its people. Visit a local winery in the region of Nemea, learning about the region and its wines before sampling the local drop. Enjoy a visit to a local village and connect with the locals. Learn about the local culture and traditions, including cooking techniques as you take part in a Greek cooking experience. 

Visit local restaurants, enjoying authentic Greek cuisine in some of the most picturesque areas. Taste the country's fresh local produce, including Nafpaktos' fresh local trout. 

All of these experiences allow you to not just see the destinations but to really get to know them. There's something special about connecting with the people of a destination, discovering the incredible world we live in and gaining a deeper appreciation of its diverse cultures.