Inclusions spelled out

Want to know what really is included in your small group tour? Here at the Small Group Touring Co. we don’t hide anything, and we guarantee there will be no nasty surprises with dollar signs attached when you travel with us on a small group tour.   


Sightseeing Experiences

Our small group tours are jam-packed full of sightseeing experiences, all included in the price of your tour! From entry fees to guided walking tours and all that’s in between, every sightseeing experience has not only been carefully curated by our product design specialist but is also included in the price of your tour because, let’s face it, who wants to travel on a group tour that requires you to pay more for sightseeing experiences? 

Did we also mention that sightseeing experiences also include small connections? That’s right, our small connections are also included in each tour to allow you to gain a deeper, personal connection and insight into the people, history and culture of your destination. You can read more about our small connections here. 

Tip: you can find a list of all the sightseeing experiences included in our tours on the ‘Inclusions’ tab of each specific tour page.      

Inclusions spelled out


Internal Transport

From the moment you say hello to your small group tour leader and fellow travelers, your internal transport is taken care of. Travel comfortably on diverse modes of transport between destinations on your tour – from buses, to trains, boats, to planes. 

Tip: you can find a list of all transport included in our tours on the ‘Inclusions’ tab of each specific tour page. 



We want you to have a comfortable and safe retreat each night on tour. That’s why we carefully select our accommodation based on strict criteria. Our accommodation ranges from superior inner-city hotels , luxurious boutique accommodation, 5-star resort and spas, African safari lodges and more. 

Tip: you can find information about each accommodation property of a tour on the ‘Accommodation’ tab of the tour page.   

Inclusions spelled out

Inclusions spelled out



Food plays an important role when it comes to travel. Not only does it give you the energy you need to explore a new destination, it also connects you to your destination. We include breakfast daily, along with plenty of meals encompassing local food and wine experiences. We’ve also included free time during our tours over some meal times, to give you the opportunity to explore your destination further and connect with their food culture at your own leisure. 

Tip: you can find a list of all meals included in our tours on the ‘Inclusions’ tab of each specific tour page.   

Inclusions spelled out


Small Group Tour Leaders

Our small group tour leaders are experienced leaders equipped to guide you on your small group tour adventure. Each leader has a wealth of knowledge of your chosen destination and provides a fun and inviting environment to explore and learn about the places you visit. From the moment your tour begins to the moment it ends, your small group tour leader is there to guide you every step of the way. Specialist local guides will also join you in specific locations to give you a deeper insight into your destination.    

Inclusions spelled out



Tipping is included in your tour price for drivers, porters, waiters, any specialist local guides, and your small group tour leader. That's right, when you pay for your small group tour you pay for all your tipping. It's one less thing you need to worry about!

So, there you have it. Our small group tours are bursting at the seams with inclusions that ensure your experience on tour is second to none. With a strong focus on providing unique experiences (small connections) that give travelers insight into the local culture, people and history of a destination. Paired with a maximum group size of 12 to 18 travelers and all of the above inclusions, Small Group Touring Co. tours are uniquely different.