Amazing Abu Simbel

Nothing can quite prepare you for the sheer size and intricate details of the Twin Temples of Abu Simbel. These incredible temples are a true highlight of our small group tour to Egypt. 

Abu Simbel

Originally carved out of the mountainside in the 13th century BCE, Pharaoh Ramses II commissioned these as a lasting monument to himself and his queen, Nefertari. The Aswan High Dam project of the 1960s put the temples under threat of flooding and as a result they were relocated block by block to their current position. Reassembled in the exact same relationship to each other and the sun, and covered with an artificial mountain, these rock temples stand testament to Egypt's engineering feats both ancient and new. 

Abu Simbel

This small connection allows you to get up close to the impressive temples on a guided tour, as you learn about their historic significance, marvel at their detailed carvings, and connect with the ancient history of Egypt. 

Enjoy a visit to Abu Simbel on our Egypt small group tours