Middle East

Egypt with 3-night Nile Cruise Information

10 Days Itinerary
USD $2,795 Dates/Prices


Egypt - Currency

The official currency in Egypt is the Egyptian Pound, although the recommended currency to take on your tour is the US Dollar. When you arrive in Egypt you will be able to change your US Dollars into the Egyptian Pound. Ensure you change a small amount into small denominations.

Small change is also useful for paying for toilets while on tour which is customary in many destinations.

Egyptian Pound (EGP)

Fitness Level

Middle East

To get the most out of your Small Group Touring Co. tour, you will need a good level of fitness. Our Middle East tours require you to be able to walk at least 2-3 hours on uneven ground and climb several flights of stairs. It’s not every day that you come face to face with some of the world’s oldest sights, some of which are located within the Middle East’s desert landscape. We want you to be able to soak up every moment of your tour and create lasting, fond memories of your time in the Middle East. If you are affected by dusty conditions, please ensure that you come prepared and are fit enough to cope with the conditions.

Walking Ability

Arrival Time

Middle East - Arrival Time

We don’t want you to miss out on any aspect of your Small Group Touring Co. tour. To ensure that you don’t, we recommend you arrive at your starting destination by 4.00 pm in order to take part in your welcome dinner.

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