Responsible Travel

Here at the Small Group Touring Co., we are passionate about responsible traveling. Our mission is simple, to offer small group tours to the world’s finest destinations that leave a lasting positive effect on you and the places and people you visit.

Tourism plays an important role in the economies of the places we travel to. We believe we have a responsibility to ensure that local communities share in the benefits of our travel which is why we include meals at local restaurants and free time in your tour itinerary to allow you to explore the destination and in-turn support the local businesses.

We contribute to the sustainability of the places we travel to by employing local guides and drivers. Our partnerships with local operators and individuals ensure that our tours are of mutual benefit for the sustainability of our company and our partners.

We strongly believe that tourism connects you with different cultures, creating a deeper understanding and better acceptance between cultures. We include stops that are off the tourist track, giving you an opportunity to connect with local villages and communities. Dine with local families, enjoy traditional ceremonies and visit local schools, all while giving back to the communities and gaining insight into the world’s diverse cultures. We live in a world that can sometimes be isolated and encourage the fear of diversity, our small connections enable our tours to challenge our isolated world, embracing and celebrating its diversity.


Environmentally Friendly Travel

Our tours travel to the world’s most stunning natural landscapes and we want to ensure our impact on the environment is as minimal as possible to preserve Mother Nature for future generations to come. Our travel documents are provided to each of our travelers electronically and we encourage all our travelers to offset their vacation-related carbon emissions via