The Small Group Touring Co. XML feed enables agents to access up-to-date tour information that can be incorporated into their own website or client application if it includes this capability. The read-only feed is dynamically generated, so that changes published within our content management system are reflected live within the feed.


No support is provided by Small Group Touring Co. for the external use of the feed. The feed is not formatted as customer facing product database and is intended for publishers to integrate into their own systems and apply their own formatting. While existing feeds will be updated automatically, the onus is on the user of the feed to check for new or discontinued products. The feed is structured to reflect commonly recognised codes & structure (such as 404 errors) that may be utilised by existing systems to help manage obsolete products. The feed is free of charge to Small Group Touring Co. registered agent partners, is subject to change without notice and is provided as is with no Warranties. Our standard terms & conditions apply.

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